Peregrine Falcon photos by Will James Sooter





On assignment for the BBC Natural History Unit, consulted on a natural history series, "Super Nature, Wild Flyers  " Episode 2 Masters of the Sky.  Premiered on PBS Nature as "SuperNature, Wild Flyers." On assignment for Wild Horizons / Discovery Channel, still photography and consulting on the filming of "North America" , Episode 4 "The Savage Edge", the segment on Peregrine Falcons and the segment on Biolumenesense. Premierd on Discovery and Animal Planet.



Book Covers


Cover photo of Peregrine Falcon's in a Mid-air Food Exchange featured on the cover of "Peregrine Falcons of the World" by Dr. Clayton White, Dr. Tom Cade and Dr. Jim Endersen. Will also contributed several photos for the  chapter on the American Peregrine Falcon.





Book Contributions


Interior photography contributed to Falcons of North America by Kate Davis



National Geographic Society

Interior photography of Peregrine Falcon with Willet




The Environmental Legacy of the UC Natural Reserve System

Interior photography of Peregrine Falcon & other bird life.




 Moonbird  by Phillip Hoose

Interior photography of Peregrine Falcons





The Hunt by BBC books

Interior photography of Peregrine Falcon



Interior photography for Into The Nest,

by Laura Erickson and Marie Read



Interior photography for DDT Wars

by Charles F. Wurster



Magazine and Periodicals


Audubon Magazines National 1st Place Winner of photo published in the

January/February 2011 issue. 




Award Winning photo published in Natures Best Photography 2011



 The Missouri Review, 2013, The Edge Effect, surfing with Peregrine Falcons in La Jolla by Nick Neely



 The Scottish Hawking News, Volume 16, August 2012


 Tuscon Audubon Quaterly, December 2013